SOAP Design and Implementation

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Design and Implementation


Web Services Demo
o Web service in action
o A web services client and server demo
o Quote service demonstration
o Interaction between SOAP, XML and WSDL
o Connecting to an Internet web service on the web
o Demo using XMLSpy, BizTalk, Eclipse, Java...

Web Services Standards and Organizations
o The web services standards space
o The standards body and their associated recommendations
o Overview of OASIS, W3C, WS-I, OMG and Java Community

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
o Objectives
o SOAP Overview
o Why do you need SOAP?
o SOAP In Protocol Stack
o Header Attributes
o SOAP Body
o SOAP Fault
o Document/Literal Style
o Document/Literal Wrapped Style
o Details of the Wrapped Style

Fundamental Service Contract Design
o SOAP Fundamentals
o Web Service Contracts
o Anatomy of a Web Service Contract
o A Plain English Guide to Namespaces
o Types and Message Structure Basics
o Abstract Description Design
o Concrete Description Design
o Design Options
o WS-Policy: Expression
o Assertion and Attachment
o SOAP Envelope Structure
o Header Block Processing

Advanced Service Contract Design
o Message Flexibility
o Type Inheritance and Composition
o Reusability
o Derived Types
o Relational Design
o Modularization, Extensibility
o Asynchrony
o Message Dispatch
o Service Instance Identification
o Non-SOAP HTTP Binding

Service Policies
o Policy Centralization
o Nested, Parameterized Assertions
o Ignorable Assertions
o Custom Policy Assertion Design
o Runtime Representation
o Compatibility
o WS-Addressing Vocabularies
o WS-Addressing Rules
o Design Techniques

Service Contract Versioning
o Versioning Fundamentals
o Versioning WSDL Definitions
o Versioning Message Schemas
o Advanced Versioning

The Wrapped-Doc-Literal Style for WSDL
o Discussion of different message encodings and styles
o Historical evolution and the on-the-wire format
o Why doc-literal is preferred over RPCencoded
o Why using the wrapped form?
o Design guidelines for wrapped-doc-literal approach.

Best Practice in WSDL Design
o Advice on how to design interoperable WSDL
o Making WSDL easy to understand and re-use
o Operation Granularity
o Naming: portTypes, services, ports and bindings
o Client access
o WSDL-first design

Orchestrating Services with BPEL
o SOAP in BPEL context
o Importing XML Schemas and WSDL Locators
o Support for Validation, Deployment, and

Lifecycle Management
o Orchestrate services through BPEL for a Synchronous Service
o Orchestrate services through BPEL for an Asynchronous Service
o Partner Link Concepts and Usage

Software Platform for SOA (Service Orientation)

o Software Tools for SOA
o SOA Development Life Cycle
o Oracle BP Manager
o Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006
o Key Features
o Web Services Support
o Runtime Products for SOA

o New implementation paradigms
o The benefits of employing SOA
o Review of common business goals
o The risks associated with the SOA approach
o Evaluating tradeoff strategies


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SOAP Design and Implementation - 2 dagen
2018 juni
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